PC gaming requires a lot more than a well build PC. To provide a total immersive experience in the world of gaming,the dedicated companies are doing their best to keep us updated with the latest technologies and gadgets. There are varieties of gaming accessories available in the market with unique qualities of enhancing your gaming. Here are the top five gaming accessories that you can buy to boost your gaming.

Logitech G13 Gameboard

One of the best gaming boards in the market at an affordable price. Logitech is known to provide quality gaming gear for gamers at moderate price range. The G13 gameboard has all the things you require in a gameboard, with durability and great comfort. It has 75 unique functions and multiple modes for different gaming genres. It also features a mini joystick to give you that extra control you need for quick actions in the games. This might just be the best gameboard under entry-level accessory for professional gaming. Don’t forget, you’ll also need a reliable VoIP service to go with your gaming headset.

Razer Hydra

Razer Hydra

Razer is the maker of the best gaming accessories in the market today. It has given us so many high functioning gaming gears, and accessories and Razer Hydra is no exception. It is a step up in high-tech gaming world. If you are a fan of virtual gaming, then Hydra can provide you ultra-low latency for increased accuracy and precision  in VR games. Be able to interact better with the game and feel comfortable at the same time.

GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

Vanguard’s GAEMs is a complete package for true gamers, who want to have a portable setup which they can carry anywhere to never stop gaming. The entire setup is lightweight and have an easy plug and play gaming. It has a PGE sling, PGE remote, and a storage bag. It also features a non-reflective 19” 720p display and headphone jack to keep the experience private. It is compatible with Xbox One, 360, PS4 and PS3 Slim.


Gamer Gloves EPG

What can be better than having a glove designed for gaming so you can play games for a long run without damaging your wrists? EPG is an attempt to introduce special gaming gloves for optimal gaming performance. It has a moisture-wicking material which keeps a firm grip on your controller. It has cool looks for upgrading a gamers identity as well as is pretty comfortable to play in.

Logitech G29 Racing Wheel

If you want to test your control on the roads with the best racing gamers out there, then G29 will help you with it. This racing wheel is a powerful dual-motor force feedback wheel with helical gearing for realistic traction loss. It has six-speed shifters with a push-down reverse gear to provide real racing manual controls. The built quality is also good, which provides a leather-ish feeling while your are driving. G29 is sadly only compatible for PS3 and PS4, and you will have to wait until they launch an open product.